Since 2007, Take Action Films has been producing award- winning social-impact documentaries, webisodes, newsletters, and ebooks. Our films have been translated into over 10 different languages as the message we convey is universal and inspirational to all.

GARBAGE! THE REVOLUTION STARTS AT HOME (2007), has been seen by over 4 million people through television broadcasts on SUNDANCE CHANNEL, NETFLIX, DOCUMENTARY, TVO and film festivals such as HOT DOCS. Millions of children have been inspired to consume less and reduce waste after viewing Garbage!. The film’s message inspired some of the world’s leading corporations like Walmart and Tim Hortons and McDonald’s to host screenings for employees and inspire them to create waste reduction programs at work and home.

CHEMERICAL: REDEFINING CLEAN FOR A NEW GENERATION (2009), has been seen by over 3 million viewers through NETFLIX, CBC AND SUPER CHANNEL and winner of the audience choice award at Whistler Film Festival. Its outreach program, as quantified through has inspired the removal of  over
20,000 toxic cleaning products from homes, helping to clean up watersheds and create safer toxin free environments for hundreds of thousands of children in their homes and schools.

ORANGE WITNESS (2012)  has been seen by over 1 million viewers through broadcasts on CBC DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL and film festival screenings where it garnered two awards in 2013. Through social outreach, Orange Witness is giving voice to those lives who are affected by exposure to Agent Orange at work and home. A number that is still yet to be quantified.

DARK SIDE OF THE CHEW (2014) is a cinematic first – seen by audiences around the globe, this feature documentary blew the lid on what the gum industry didn’t want you to know about everyone’s favourite sticky habit. Director Andrew Nisker reveals the hidden – and shocking – truths about the impact gum has on our economy, health, and our planet. Premiering on TVO in Canada, the film has also had an iOS app created for it – the GumShoe Map App. The app is a first – it lets its users join a global community of citizens who will use the app to help quantify gum pollution worldwide.




Andrew Nisker makes films that inspire people to take action and revolutionize the way they treat the environment and themselves.

His mentor, the late Mr. Bob Hunter (Co-founder, Greenpeace), declared “The Revolution Starts at Home”. Taking Mr. Hunter’s words to heart, Andrew set out to create a body of work to help make environmentalism more accessible.

His first film, Garbage! The Revolution Starts At Home (Sundance Channel, CBC, TVO), cast an average family and asked them to keep their trash for three months. Self-funded, the film touched a nerve with international audiences, playing at the Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto and was subsequently translated into six languages and viewed by over 4 million people.

Andrew’s second film, Chemerical, cast another average family, but this time they were asked to take an inventory of their everyday household cleaning agents and personal care products… and replace them with all-natural products. After discovering the unhealthy toxins that lay hidden away in the closets and cupboards of their average suburban home, audiences demanded solutions. So Andrew wrote a simple ‘green clean’ guide and designed a phone app to empower the consumer to measure the toxicity in their home by simply swiping a product’s bar code with their smart phone.

His latest film, Dark Side of the Chew, takes on the world’s second most common form of litter: chewing gum.  Andrew believes that the story will act as a gateway to young minds to enhance their awareness of this seemingly invisible pollution that has an enormous social, environmental and economic impact. He is currently working on an accompanying ‘gum pollution’ app that will give any smart phone user the opportunity to quantify gum pollution by simply taking a picture of the gum-strewn sidewalks in their hometown. He hopes the combination of the film and the crowd-sourced gum pollution map will pressure governments, industry, and consumers to tackle the worldwide polluting habits that perpetuate an annual clean-up cost of over one billion dollars.

Michael D. Murphy


Michael (Mike) D. Murphy is the former SVP of Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution and Managing Director of Fox Incendo, a Canadian television distribution co-venture. Mike began his career as a producer, director and co-writer of award-winning Canadian documentaries. Upon completion of “Wild Goose Jack” in 1982, he secured his first Canadian national license agreement with the CBC. This was followed two years later with the completion of the documentary “Scouts!” and the closing of his first international program sale to the BBC. In the following three decades, Mike has been active in television program development, licensing and rights acquisition in Canada and internationally, including the import of foreign-produced TV programs into Canada. Through Fox Incendo, he has represented programs from many high profile suppliers such as Fox, HBO and Showtime. Among the many notable TV programs that Mike has sold in Canada are The Simpsons, Family Guy, 24, The X-Files, The Sopranos, Sex and the City, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy and Homeland.



An Ottawa native, Phil knew we wanted to be a filmmaker when he began making videos in high school – once he figured out how to work a camera the rest took care of itself. He graduated from Humber College with flying colours in Film and Television Production and began working at Take Action Films not long after, where he jumped right in and began his documentary career, helping to shoot and edit Chasing Fortune, the production company’s 2013 feature. Phil also contributed to the shooting and editing and helped supervise post-production on Dark Side of the Chew, TAF’s latest project, and is excited to work on whatever project comes next – be it short, feature, documentary, or drama.