Obviously you care about our world, so you found us online. Perhaps you viewed one of our award-winning documentaries or read about our work in the news or watched one of our films at a film festival, in school, or at work. Regardless, our films are being seen and making an impact (see this report). But to keep up the fight, we need continued support.

Here is why: Sometimes we receive funds from television broadcasters and we are lucky enough to live in Canada where there are strong support systems for independent filmmakers; but as the television business model changes, our sources of funding are shrinking. So, to keep up the quality and quantity of our work, we need direct support from our community.

Recently, we have launched our films for On Demand viewing with Vimeo. In an easily accessible, simple to use interface, our audience members can affordably rent our films for a 48-hour period.

Please check out our following titles on Vimeo – On Demand:

Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home

Chemerical: Redefining Clean for a New Generation

Orange Witness

Chasing Fortune (at the moment only available outside of Canada)

Dark Side of the Chew (at the moment only available outside of Canada and the US)

Alternatively, educational institutions such as elementary schools, universities, colleges, and libraries can support us – and add an incredibly useful educational resource to their arsenal – by joining our educational portal, getting access to our films for a one time fee. They can then use our films as educational aides in the classroom, for lectures, or any other educational means. Click below to sign up!