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NUKED Premiere - Planet in Focus Film Festival Oct 22 @ 6:30pm

We are thrilled "NUKED" was selected to be the closing film of this years Planet in Focus Film Festival, October 22nd @ 6:30pm!

At the height of the Cold War, the US detonated 23 nuclear weapons over the Bikini Atoll, for a total of 67 in the Marshall Islands, the consequences of which reverberate down through generations.  

"NUKED" is a timely and compelling new feature documentary that tells the human story of the nuclear arms race, tracing a people’s ongoing 74 year struggle to survive from the first detonation in 1946 to the present day US as their ongoing quest for justice takes on extra urgency with climate change posing a new and imminent existential threat.  

Through unparalleled access to the people of Bikini and with a wealth of recently de-classified, never seen before footage from the US Army and Airforce, "NUKED" weaves a haunting tale that resurrects contemporary islanders’ voices. It juxtaposes these with the full, awesome fury of the test detonations. 

"NUKED" starkly contrasts the official record with the lived experience of the Bikinians themselves, serving as an important counterpoint to this summer’s Oppenheimer.

Currently in production