Andrew Nisker

FOUNDER - BFA(Hon.) York University.

Hi, my name is Andrew Nisker, and I make films to inspire people to take action and revolutionize the way we treat the environment and ourselves. 

My mentor, the late Bob Hunter (Co-Founder of Greenpeace), said that “The revolution starts at home.” 

Taking Bob’s words to heart, I founded Take Action Films and set out to make films that could help make environmentalism more accessible. Over the last ten years I’ve written, directed, and produced almost a dozen feature documentaries with a focus on social-environmental issues. 

I’ve made a bunch of appearances in the media to share the message, featured on CBC News, MTV, and in pieces by The Atlantic, Now Magazine, POV Magazine, The Beam, Samaritan Magazine, and The Hollywood Reporter. In 2014, I was even lucky enough to get invited to hold my own TEDx Talk at the University of Toronto to share my efforts in “making the invisible visible.”

Iain robinson

CREATIVE PRODUCER - BFA(Hon.) Toronto Metropolitan University.

Iain is an honors graduate of Toronto Metropolitan University where his focus in film school was on cinematography and motion graphic design. 

He has always been a total nerd when it comes to emerging media formats, camera theory, motion graphics, editing techniques, and basically anything to do with digital filmmaking. 

Over the last 25 years Iain has filmed and edited hundreds of projects around the world including feature documentaries, music videos, commercials, and animations.

He has worked with Andrew for over 10 years shooting all of his movies, creating motion graphics and managing post production workflow.

Above all, Iain loves the challenge of filming in crazy environments. From the tops of mountains, dense jungle, deserts and even the bottom of oceans, his keen eye as a DOP has earned him recognition from the Canadian Society of Cinematographers, Technicolour Canada and William F. White.

Nadia Sandhu

PRODUCER - BA (Hon.) Queen's University, Centennial Post Graduate Certificate - Film and Television Business.

Nadia Sandhu is a successful film marketing and distribution professional making the transition to producing full time.


Nadia has previously produced a full season of The Ashlee Monroe Show, a weekly late night talk show broadcast on Fox TV, and handled business affairs work for Big Soul Productions on Friday Night Thunder (APTN). Nadia also provided Punjabi language consultation for the Crave Original Series Late Bloomer.


As a distributor Nadia secured an exclusive distribution deal with India’s NFDC and co-founded the critically acclaimed local Toronto indie cinema Projection Booth, voted one of Toronto's Best by Toronto Life and Re:Porter Magazine. Nadia was also on the inaugural advisory board for IFFSA, North America’s largest South Asian Film Festival.


A Queen’s University alum, Nadia also has a post graduate certificate (high honours) in the Film and Television Business from Centennial College and successfully completed the Corus Media Management Accelerator, earning a certificate from the Raymond Chang School of Business at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Sabrina Lorie

JUNIOR PRODUCER - BA (Hon.) Queen's University, Postgraduate Certificate Humber College.

Sabrina graduated from Queen's University with honours in 2021, where she majored in Film and Media Studies. In 2023, she completed Humber College's Postgraduate Certificate in Television Writing & Producing. 

Before she joined the Take Action Films team, Sabrina worked as a Location Support Personnel, Set Production Assistant, and Office Production Assistant on various short films, features and television series (she was also a Background Actor in one of them)!

Mandy Kane