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NUKED - 2023

NUKED 2023 - 91 min (Hollywood Suite)

At the height of the Cold War, the US detonated 23 nuclear weapons over the Bikini Atoll, for a total of 67 in the Marshall Islands, the consequences of which reverberate down through generations.  

"NUKED" is a timely and compelling new feature documentary that tells the human story of the nuclear arms race, tracing a people’s ongoing 74 year struggle to survive from the first detonation in 1946 to the present day US as their ongoing quest for justice takes on extra urgency with climate change posing a new and imminent existential threat.  

Through unparalleled access to the people of Bikini and with a wealth of recently de-classified, never seen before footage from the US Army and Airforce, "NUKED" weaves a haunting tale that resurrects contemporary islanders’ voices. It juxtaposes these with the full, awesome fury of the test detonations. 


"Nuked is a brilliantly researched indictment of one of the great tragedies of the post-Hiroshima age, the United States' nuclear nuclear bomb testing program that decimated the Marshall Islands, causing death and devastation to countless islanders through radiation poisoning. 

Andrew Nisker has made a powerful film, which underscores the gentleness of the Marshallese, who have endured illness and exile due to the thoughtless actions of the American military industrial complex during the Cold War era."

Marc Glassman - Editor POV Magazine



Coral Ghosts - 2020

Coral Ghosts 2020 - 85 min (CBC)

Coral Ghosts is a 90-minute feature documentary that combines sixty years of underwater photography with the timely quest of Dr. Tom Goreau, a marine biologist who inherited the family legacy of protecting the world’s coral reefs at a time when they have never faced greater threats.

Told through intimate verite, never seen before archival film and photographs and stunning underwater photography, this character driven film brings viewers from a dusty attic in Cambridge to the shores of Jamaica, Bikini Atoll, and Bali on a Scientists journey to protect the coral that his father died documenting.


"Coral Ghosts is a striking documentary about one obsessive man, Dr. Tom Goreau. A scientist specializing in marine life, he comes from a long line of scientific photographers. It’s a tricky story to tell – but well directed by Andrew Nisker – because it’s as much about one man as it is about ecosystems and destruction, but it has force."

- John Doyle, Globe and Mail 

Ground war - 2018

GROUND WAR - 2018  85min (CBC) 

The Guardian - Article by Aliya Uteuova 

Fueled by a quest for answers to what caused his father’s illness and death, Nisker produced a 2018 documentary film called Ground War, exploring his father’s development of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and Nisker’s ultimate determination that despite no clear proof, pesticides were to blame for his death.

Nisker lives in Toronto with his wife and their three sons, aged seven, nine and 18. In the course of making the film, Nisker started worrying what might be sprayed on fields where his children play soccer and baseball.

“Before 2009, they were treating those areas the same way they were treating golf courses, which is sort of horrifying considering that kids are rolling around on playing fields,” Nisker said.

In 2009, Ontario enacted a cosmetic pesticides ban, prohibiting the sale and use of pesticides on lawns, gardens, parks and schoolyards.

“My kids don’t come home after playing soccer and say it was terrible out there, that there’s too many weeds,” Nisker said. “They don’t care and neither should you.”


Dark side of the chew - 2014

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Dark Side of the Chew is a cinematic first – seen by audiences around the globe, this feature documentary blew the lid off what the gum industry didn’t want you to know about everyone’s favourite sticky habit. Director Andrew Nisker reveals the hidden – and shocking – truths about the impact gum has on our economy, health, and our planet. Premiering on TVO in Canada, the film has also had an iOS app created for it – the GumShoe Map App. The app is a first – it lets its users join a global community of citizens  helping quantify gum pollution worldwide.

Nisker has a modesty about him that’s endearing. It reinforces the inspiring notion that any average Joe if they put their mind and actions to it, like Nisker, can make a difference.” - Parker Mott, Dorkshelf.com

Orange Witness - 2012

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Orange Witness documents the marginalized voices of people who have been exposed to, and affected by Agent Orange. The film paints a bleak picture of the damage caused by the use of herbicides 2,4-D, 2,4,5-T and TCCD internationally.

Historically, Agent Orange has been associated with war, but the industrial and domestic of use of the chemical is a story that has yet to reach the masses, until now. The film has been seen by over 1 million viewers through broadcasts on CBC DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL and film festival screenings where it garnered two awards in 2013.

Chemerical - 2009

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'Chemerical' explores the life cycle of everyday household cleaners and hygiene products to prove that, thanks to our clean obsession, we are drowning in a sea of toxicity. An average North American family try to turn a new leaf by creating and living in a toxic free home. Seen by over 3 million viewers through NETFLIX, CBC AND SUPER CHANNEL and winner of the audience choice award at Whistler Film Festival. Its outreach program has inspired the removal of  over 20,000 toxic cleaning products from homes, helping to clean up watersheds and create safer toxin free environments for hundreds of thousands of children in their homes and schools. 

Filled with humour, scientific facts, animation and music makes a  profound impact.” - School Library Journal

Garbage! The Revolution starts at home - 2007

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GARBAGE! THE REVOLUTION STARTS AT HOME - 75min (Super Channel, CBC, TVO, Netflix) 

Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home is a documentary about how the family household has become one of the most ferocious environmental predators of our time. 

Concerned for the future of his son, writer and director Andrew Nisker takes an average urban family, the McDonalds, and asks them to keep every scrap of garbage that they create for three months. He then takes them on a journey to find out where it all goes and what it’s doing to the world. 

From organic waste to the stuff they flush down the potty, the plastic bags they use to the water they drink out of bottles, the air pollution they create when transporting the kids around, to using lights at Christmas, the McDonalds discover that for every action there is a reaction that affects them and the entire planet. 

The film is an eyeopener and will make you think about what you’re leaving out  for curbside pickup. Reducing is the new recycling.” - National Post