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Another Commission

Get Ready To Sweat

Yes, my wife and I are celebrating! Our kids are back in school and Take Action Films is making another doc with The Nature Of Things on CBC. Details coming soon! 

Garbage2 - In Production!

Get out the nose plugs!

Yes, that's right. I know you have been waiting since 2007 for the sequel!  As you read this we are hard at work making the best sequel since Teen Wolf 2. But seriously, our trashy tale should be ready for Earth Month 2024. So stay tuned! 


After COVID related delays we are wrapping up postproduction on NUKED. You can expect a hard hitting film that is even more relevant than ever as our world fights for the threat of nuclear war and the fury of climate change. Keep checking back for updates. 


 Coral Ghosts is a 90-minute feature documentary that combines sixty years of underwater photography with the timely quest of Dr. Tom Goreau, a marine biologist who inherited the family legacy of protecting the world’s coral reefs at a time when they have never faced greater threats. Told through intimate verite, never seen before archival film and photographs and stunning underwater photography, this character driven film brings viewers from a dusty attic in Cambridge to the shores of Jamaica, Bikini Atoll, and Bali on a Scientists journey to protect the coral that his father died documenting.

Watch star of Coral Ghosts Tom Goreau and Producer/Director Andrew Nisker talk about making the film in a recent interactive chat with Toronto Public Library

Listen to Director Andrew Nisker and Tom Goreau being interviewed on CBC radio 1



Coral Ghosts Review May 12th, 2021

Globe and Mail - John Doyle 

Coral Ghosts is a striking documentary about one obsessive man, Dr. Tom Goreau. A scientist specializing in marine life, he comes from a long line of scientific photographers. His grandfather was a pioneer of underwater photography. He has inherited a vast collection of photographs and the program chronicles his obsession with taking these photos to the communities where they were taken, generations ago. His mission is to both honour his father and grandfather and ensure that some remote communities are aware of what life was like back then. He goes north, he goes to Australia and he goes to Bikini Atoll, where an atom bomb was exploded in 1946. Throughout, his mission is also to highlight the protection of the world’s coral reefs, when they are under great threat. It’s a tricky story to tell – but well directed by Andrew Nisker – because it’s as much about one man as it is about ecosystems and destruction, but it has force.

Ground War is the perfect tool to help kick start your communities transition away from using harmful pesticides for lawn care in places children play. 

Ready to take action on pesticide use in your community. Check out Ground War, now. 

For more information about Ground War be sure to visit http://www.groundwar.org



We love to screen our films for students. Check out one of most popular titles below,  Dark Side Of The Chew and contact us to arrange a screening! 


Dark Side Of The Chew (1hr) 

It's the world’s second most common form of litter. It’s invisible to most. Yet it lurks everywhere (including the bottoms of tables, desks and shoes). How did we become so addicted to chewing gum and how is our consumption of trillions of sticks a year impacting our health and our planet? Join award-winning, eco-activist filmmaker Andrew Nisker – Garbage! (Sundance), Chemerical (Netflix), Orange Witness (Documentary) – in a cinematic first as he travels our planet and speaks to gobs of manufacturers, activists and scientists to unravel the entertaining, yet shocking truth behind our obsession with a seemingly innocuous product that is gumming up more than just our environment. Full of unexpected twists and bubble-bursting surprises, the Dark Side Of The Chew will give you a lot to chomp on if you’re hooked on this seemingly innocent, age-old habit.

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Click here for the movie EPK. 

Garbage! The Revolution Starts At Home 

Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home is a documentary about how the family household has become one of the most ferocious environmental predators of our time. 

Concerned for the future of his son, writer and director Andrew Nisker takes an average urban family, the McDonalds, and asks them to keep every scrap of garbage that they create for three months. He then takes them on a journey to find out where it all goes and what it’s doing to the world. 

From organic waste to the stuff they flush down the potty, the plastic bags they use to the water they drink out of bottles, the air pollution they create when transporting the kids around, to using lights at Christmas, the McDonalds discover that for every action there is a reaction that affects them and the entire planet.

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Orange Witness documents the marginalized voices of people who have been exposed to, and affected by Agent Orange. The film paints a bleak picture of the damage caused by the use of herbicides 2,4-D, 2,4,5-T and TCCD internationally. Historically, Agent Orange has been associated with war, but the industrial and domestic of use of the chemical is a story that has yet to reach the masses, until now. The film has been seen by over 1 million viewers through broadcasts on CBC DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL and film festival screenings where it garnered two awards in 2013.

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'Chemerical' explores the life cycle of everyday household cleaners and hygiene products to prove that, thanks to our clean obsession, we are drowning in a sea of toxicity. An average North American family try to turn a new leaf by creating and living in a toxic free home. Seen by over 3 million viewers through NETFLIX, CBC AND SUPER CHANNEL and winner of the audience choice award at Whistler Film Festival. Its outreach program has inspired the removal of  over 20,000 toxic cleaning products from homes, helping to clean up watersheds and create safer toxin free environments for hundreds of thousands of children in their homes and schools.

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