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See, hear and explore the human stories behind atomic testing as experienced by the displaced residents of Bikini Atoll.


"NUKED," is a compelling new feature documentary that invites viewers to see and hear the first-hand history of the people of Bikini Atoll from 1946 to today, using carefully restored archival footage juxtaposed against the fearsome, awful power of the 67 US atomic bomb tests that took place over their homeland during the height of the Cold War. 

Filmmakers invite you to dive into the history of Bikini Atoll through two intersecting, interactive timelines that present key events, testimonies, and milestones that have shaped the islanders' lives against the official record of the US Military through the use of carefully restored archival records.


The US detonated 23 nuclear weapons over the Bikini Atoll for a total of 67 bombs on the Marshall Islands during the Cold War, the consequences of which still reverberate down four generations to today. 

"NUKED," is a timely new feature documentary focussing on the human victims of the Cold War Era nuclear arms race, tracing the displaced Bikinian's ongoing struggle for justice and survival even as climate change poses a new existential threat. 

Using carefully restored archival footage to resurrect contemporaneous islanders’ voices and juxtaposing these with the full, awesome fury of the nuclear detonations, NUKED starkly contrasts the official record with the lived experience of the Bikinians themselves, serving as an important counterpoint to this summer’s Oppenheimer.

Interactive timeline of events